Visual /Görsel

It has been said that 80% of
what people learn is visual in form. 

Allen Klein

Our Latest Projects / En Son Projelerimiz

Beauty can be found everywhere we look, you simply have to open your mind up to letting it in. At Access Pix, we specialise in finding methods to produce breathtaking results that are not only captivating to your audience, but generate ideas, and provoke change.


Visual images are the way the world communicates today. From cave paintings to now we have come full circle. Our wall is now on social social media. Words are painted, captured and written down. We invite you to inquire of what we do to help your brand, family, story or yourself communicate your story. We are are here for you.

Photography | Fotoğrafcılık

Event, and storytelling is a passion for the Lammis. To give a voice to the voiceless through short and long-term documentary projects.

Mobile Consulting-Danışmanlık

It's as if the world is in our pocket with our mobile devices. There is so much potential to get the word out than ever before in history. But most people only see the tip of the picture.

Branding | Markalaşma

With thirty years of branding experience with higher education, non-profit companies and startups, we can help you build yours. “Gestalt” is the word for a brand that holds together as one. This is what we can do for you.  


  • Shari Lammi
    Writer / Visual Curator
    I love to read, so to sit and with a good book is always welcome. Word pictures stick in my head, and so does well produced art.
  • Kerry Lammi
    Photographer, Visual Artist & Mobile Media Consultant
    I dream, think and live visually.
    The world is finally catching up.
    I'm excited for the future and
    visual communication. 
  • Ian Jarold
    Comic & Visual Artist
    10,000 hours seems like nothing compared to the amount of time I have put in to my art.
  • Taryn Elizabeth
    Writer, Storyteller
    I'm working on a  journalism degree with excitement. So glad to already be a published writer. My desire is to tell stories and relating people's experiences with words that encourage.


Connect with us for visual communication through Branding,
Photography or writing to uniquely communicate your vision.

Where to find us
USA  |  Istanbul, Turkey
How to reach us
+90 533 748 5110